Wonder how long I’ll last this time

It's been a while since I've had my *own* blog to post stuff on. I used to mix some personal stuff with anything web and internet marketing related at the now dead MarketingBlog.eu , and I've basically switched from blogging to expressing my personal discoveries, feelings, ramblings, pictures etc. over on Twitter .

Well, thanks to the awesome kick-ass Posterous , I now feel like actually blogging again (for myself, not for TechCrunch or Virtualization.com), so here's to hoping I can keep it up. That also means I'm no longer going to use TwitPic for sharing pics on Twitter, since everything I post on Posterous will also be ported to my Twitter stream.

That's it folks.

3 thoughts on “Wonder how long I’ll last this time

  1. yo, also if u plug your Posterous into Friendfeed…the pics come out beautifully on ur stream…try it out once u have a few photo posts on here

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