Says @eyalnevo: "I’m not spamming". Judge for yourselves (PIC)


5 thoughts on “Says @eyalnevo: "I’m not spamming". Judge for yourselves (PIC)

  1. So what ‘s the excuse with banning us Robin?We are a NFP promoting privacy online. TC ignores privacy totally so where is the balance now?If we were doing something wrong, why not let us know first?

  2. Robin. You have zero credibility now. TechCrunch is now censoring all dissent and you can’t be bothered to comment?Is this e-journalism 2011?

  3. Robin, please don’t play dumb. You know EXACTLY what we are talking about.You can’t be bothered to review our software because our site wasn’t ‘chrome friendly’ then TechCrunch bans all our staff accounts because we ‘spam’ privacy and criticize your paying customers.Nice to see you mate from AOL playing his Jill Kennedy pranks every week though…Any time you are interested in acting like a real journalist let us know Robin.

  4. Annoying? Try hypocritical for a big word to blog about.You have Eric Leebow spamming as hard as ever over at TC but you block a NFP that ‘spams’ about privacy?Let me spell it out for you. TechCrunch have BANNED from commenting. Want to see the screen-shots? "@ucentric? what the hell are you talking about?’ Do you FINALLY understand Robin?Arrington, like a typical bully, hides from reality about this censorship since he sold out.Now you have the cheek to claim to have nothing to write about whilst doing another fluff-piece.I guess we are just pulling our puds over here and nothing we are doing merits your attention. LOLThe joke will soon be on you soon for missing a revolution happening right under you nose.

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