Congrats on the @CrunchFund move, @parislemon


It’s been such a hectic day that I haven’t yet found myself able to properly congratulate my colleague MG Siegler (aka @parislemon) on becoming a venture capitalist and joining Mike Arrington’s – and Pat’s – CrunchFund as a general partner.

May he seed and guide a lot of interesting startups and help spur more tech innovation and market disruption.

I’m pleased that he will also continue to write for TechCrunch, even if ‘only’ as a columnist on the Apple beat (which has become so much of a specialty of his that you’d be nuts not to follow his writings if you’re even only a tiny bit interested in Apple, such as myself).

MG’s a smart guy, has a nose for truly innovative startups and is evidently well-connected with the right kind of crowd in the Valley, so I daresay chances are that he’ll make a great VC. I can only hope he realizes that he has much to learn about professional investing, though, and that the learning process will not always feel like a walk in the park.

Investing in startups is a whole different ballgame than writing about them, although I can’t say I speak from first-hand experience – only from writing about the tech industry for a good few years now, and reading a lot of books, interviews and blog posts by and about venture capitalists and early-stage investing in general.

So MG, my wish for you is that you have lots of fun learning to master the VC game, make a killing along the way and that you’ll continue to blog no matter what –  mkay?

(Picture courtesy of TechCrunch on Flickr)


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