INFILTRATING SLIDESHOW, INC: The $15 Billion Sensation In Brussels’ Backyard That NOBODY Talks About

(Inspired by Business Insider’s non-visit to Priceline)

Did you know there’s a Belgian company called Slideshow, Inc, that has a market cap of almost $15 billion? There isn’t. But nevertheless, they’re a stunning success.

The trick has been aggressive international growth fueled through inane slideshows plastered all over the Internet. Here’s the funny thing about Slideshow, Inc, though.

While most companies with that kind of success would run around trying to get tons of press attention for it, Slideshow, Inc is actually VERY secretive.

I wanted to know more about this stunning success. So I asked the company for a tour of its HQ. It declined. I went anyway.

First, I went down the stairs.


Before you knew it, I was downstairs and in a position to open the door that leads to outside.


Subsequently, I stepped outside in an effort to go to my car, but it wasn’t actually on the driveway.


Then, I found myself walking down the street to see if my car was parked there. It wasn’t, so I realized my wife probably took the car to go to work earlier today.

Suddenly, I felt an incontrollable urge to go to the bathroom, so I headed back home.


Once I got back inside, I went to the bathroom to take a leak.


Of course, by this time I was so distracted that I couldn’t remember why I wanted to go visit the HQ of Slideshow, Inc, so I just kind of headed to my couch for a quick lie-down.


Being a tech reporter is HARD WORK.


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