I’ve seen my fair share of people writing about stuff they don’t understand over the years, but this post from a Brian S Hall about my former colleagues MG Siegler and Mike Arrington sure hangs high up on the idiocy tree.

He desperately attempts to blast them for not being ethical journalists or unbiased media outlets because they write about companies they invest in (Soluto in this case), while they’re posting as individuals on their own damn blogs. I think MG and Mike would find it really funny if you call them journalists, and their personal blogs media outlets.

Meanwhile, Hall is trying to argue that PandoDaily and GigaOm will never be profitable. PandoDaily has been around for a couple of weeks (WEEKS) and for all I know GigaOm might be closer to profitability than this guy will ever get to learning the difference between a professional and a personal blog. Hello world indeed.

An investor can ‘talk up’ his or her investments on a personal blog all they want, if that’s their choice. And if they can make me care: more power to them. Trust me, it’s super easy not to read something if you don’t want to. Much harder to not start blabbering about ethics and transparency, lack of understanding be damned.

Comically misguided man, this Brian S Hall.


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