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Couldn’t be more excited about the prospects of Checkthis, a fledgling Belgian Internet startup that has just raised $910,000 in seed funding from a set of high-profile investors from across the United States and Europe.

You don’t need me to tell you that the Internet has already fundamentally changed the way people communicate and conduct commerce, but I genuinely believe we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal publishing on the Web.

There’s a clear need for something simple, beautiful and powerful in between posting a simple status update on Facebook or Twitter and setting up a full-fledged blog on WordPress or Tumblr.

That’s where Checkthis fits in nicely. Stellar product, ambitious founders with a big vision and a laser focus. How cool is that?

For the record: I’m on the company’s advisory board (together with Google’s François de Halleux and Instagram designer Tim Van Damme), which obviously means I can’t blog about them on The Next Web, and I won’t bore you with a review here.

Check out their funding announcement and their story.

Most importantly, have a look for yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. What Fred, Melvyn and the rest of the team need now most of all is feedback, by the way.

I linked to some coverage and embbeded a lot of nice tweets about Checkthis below.


GigaOM: Can CheckThis carve out a publishing niche between Twitter and traditional blogging?

TechCrunch: The Instagram Of Social Publishing? Belgian Checkthis Moves To NYC, Gets A $910k Seed Round From Lerer, SV Angel, Index + More

The Next Web: ‘Micro-publishing’ startup Checkthis picks up $910,000 in seed funding to help fuel its public beta

BetaKit: Checkthis Raises $910K to Jumpstart Friction-Free Publishing

BetaBeat: Would-Be ‘Instagram for Publishing’ CheckThis Raises $910K From Lerer Ventures and Others

PandoDaily: CheckThis Raises $910K

Business Insider: CheckThis Raises $910,000 From Lerer Ventures To Be The Fine Line Between Nothing And A Blog

VatorNews: CheckThis raises $910k for frictionless micro-blogging

The Alarm Clock: CheckThis Raises Seed for Web Poster Biz

Le Soir: CheckThis lève 900.000 dollars à New York

Trends.be: Le belge CheckThis lève 910.000 dollars aux Etats-Unis

7sur7: Une start-up belge lève 910.000 dollars aux USA

De Morgen: Belgische starter haalt geld op in de VS (also on Digimedia)

Express.be: Technologiebedrijf CheckThis haalt 730.000 euro kapitaal op

Datanews / Knack: CheckThis haalt 730.000 euro op in de VS

En La Nube TIC: Blogs ‘de bolsillo’ con Checkthis


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