A mesmerizing look at Barcelona by night (video)

It’s such a beautiful city, even when it’s dark.


Remember Plugg? Two winners of the startup competition acquired, one to go

ImageBack in 2008*, I started a conference called Plugg because I felt like the European event circuit was too focused on bringing over and talking about Americans and their success stories.

I thought that was odd, and felt that Europe needed a conference that exclusively featured speakers and startups from these parts, to showcase the tremendous talent that was (and remains) present.

It was a blast and I did it for three years in a row, until other activities prevented me from dedicating the time that was needed to uphold the quality of the event.

Anyway, every year the main part of the conference (and not a sideshow like other event organizers do) was the intense startup pitching competition, featuring Internet and mobile startups from all over the continent.

I should have asked for stakes in the winners: 🙂

In 2008, Viewdle won. They were acquired by Google last year.

In 2009, Mendeley won. They were acquired by Elsevier this year.

In 2010, Fits.me won. Who will acquire them next year?

UPDATE: well, it took a year longer than I thought but Rakuten just bought Fits.me 🙂

* In other news, I’m getting old.