Remember Plugg? Two winners of the startup competition acquired, one to go

ImageBack in 2008*, I started a conference called Plugg because I felt like the European event circuit was too focused on bringing over and talking about Americans and their success stories.

I thought that was odd, and felt that Europe needed a conference that exclusively featured speakers and startups from these parts, to showcase the tremendous talent that was (and remains) present.

It was a blast and I did it for three years in a row, until other activities prevented me from dedicating the time that was needed to uphold the quality of the event.

Anyway, every year the main part of the conference (and not a sideshow like other event organizers do) was the intense startup pitching competition, featuring Internet and mobile startups from all over the continent.

I should have asked for stakes in the winners: 🙂

In 2008, Viewdle won. They were acquired by Google last year.

In 2009, Mendeley won. They were acquired by Elsevier this year.

In 2010, won. Who will acquire them next year?

UPDATE: well, it took a year longer than I thought but Rakuten just bought 🙂

* In other news, I’m getting old.