PR facepalms: so you’ve just decided to become an iOS app developer …

Lessons from this RTG Ventures press release:

Don’t say: 

“We’re a couple of years behind, but we just expanded into offering iOS and Ruby-based mobile app development. Better late than never, right? We can’t build Android or Blackberry apps yet, but we will, eventually.”


“RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: RTGV) has entered the thriving mobile app and web app development markets after its wholly-owned subsidiary, Digital Clarity, became an official iOS developer and extended its web development operations to include Ruby on Rails web app development. The mobile app market is currently worth $6.8 billion and is growing at nearly 30 per cent per annum. / Though currently focused on Apple’s iOS Developer program, Digital Clarity will be extending its capability further to include the Google Android app market as well as focused RIM/Blackberry applications.”

If anyone who ever tried its hand at building an iPhone app for himself or his clients would boast about “entering a market currently worth $6.8 billion” like it means anything, I’d be facepalming a lot.

Hey, I just started selling fresh orange juice in front of my house – I’ve entered the retail market! It’s a zillion dollar industry, folks! I’m an official orange juice seller! I’ll be extending my capabilities further to include apple juice as well as focused strawberry juice.