Sometimes, for my own amusement, I go to Mashable and do a search for “top”, “to watch”, “in 2012” or combinations like “trends to watch”.




I hate New Year’s resolutions, but despite that, I think the end of a calendar year is as good a time as any to reflect upon what you’ve ‘accomplished’ (and what you haven’t). And to look forward and think about what else you want to do (or stop doing).

For me, it’s been another year never to forget. In summary: lots of unnecessary and undoubtedly damaging drama on the professional side of the equation and nothing but joy when it comes to my personal life, the highlight of course being the birth of our first child, a baby boy named Jaan.

I look at him, eight months old now, his eyes always on the lookout for the next object to observe, study and, if at all possible, grasp, touch, turn around and stick into his little mouth.

I look at him meticulously exploring and discovering ‘the world’ around him at all times, gazing at everything and everyone he hasn’t seen before with those big, curious eyes, and I get jealous.

I get jealous at how his curiosity is practically always flowing and showing, and because I realize we all lose that ability to just reach out to something and touch it without a shred of fear, at one point or another. It’s a damn shame when you think about it.

So 2012 for me is going to be a lot of trying to give in more to this natural sense of curiosity, to increase the observing and grasping of new things. It’s going to be about stepping out of my comfort zone more often, both professionally and personally.

Dammit, I think I just made a New Year’s resolution after all.